Pathway’s Trial Run: Testing Our Comprehensive Mentorship Program with Industry Experts

Pathway’s trial run is a crucial period for testing and optimizing all our systems. This program is only offered to select participants who are closely involved with our organization. By collecting valuable feedback from our trial participants, we can make improvements to our mentorship program and ensure that we provide the best possible service.

During the trial run, we will be evaluating the effectiveness of our mentorship program and assessing the level of satisfaction among our participants. We will use various metrics to measure the success of the program, such as the number of successful mentor-mentee matches, the quality of mentorship engagement, and the overall participant experience. This data will help us make informed decisions and refine our program for future participants.

Below is a step by step guide to how this trial will be ran:

  1. Onboarding call with CEO and Founder, Isaiah Hogan.
  2. Complete Registration Form during or after onboarding call.
  3. Within a day you will receive your mentor/mentee
    • Keep your eye out for an email that will include your match
    • If you are a mentee – schedule your first meeting with your mentor in that email
    • If you are a mentor – stand by and wait for schedule notification
  4. Hold your first meeting with your mentor/mentee.
  5. Schedule your second meeting at the end of your first meeting.
  6. After your second meeting – an evaluation email will be sent with a form attached.
    • Fill out this form honestly and as soon as possible
  7. Wrap up meeting with Isaiah Hogan once everyone has finished the trial run.

We understand the importance of mentorship in achieving professional success, and our trial run is a reflection of our commitment to providing the highest quality mentorship services. By offering a trial run to select participants, we can ensure that we are providing a valuable and effective service that meets the needs of our clients. We are dedicated to continuous improvement and look forward to using the feedback from our trial participants to make meaningful changes to our mentorship program.

Thank you for your participation in this crucial period for the company, you are allowing us to perfect our systems and processes prior to the launch of the program.

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